10 Facts about Australian Rules Football (AFL)

Aussie rules better known as Footy is a high energy and skillful full contact sport. It is played with an egg shaped bouncy ball on an oval field. The object is to get the ball down the field and score. When playing AFL at the elite level there are rules to follow to play safe and fair.

  1. There are a 18 players on the field with four on the bench. Defenders defend, forwards go forward, and mid-players play mid field.
  2. There are no offside rules. The players on both teams are allowed to be on anywhere in the oval at any point during the game.
  3. The game starts with a center bounce.
  4. When running with the ball, the player has to bounce the ball every15 meters. It will be called “running too far” if the player over steps the 15 meters. The umpire will call a free kick for the other team if penalized.
  5. You cannot throw the ball.
  6. There is Zero tolerance for abuse. Any abuse will be penalized. This includes awarding the attacked player with a free kick if there is any form of high force or physical contact.
  7. The hold ball is one of the most important rules. Holding the ball prevents players from intentionally slowing down the play. If the umpire calls a hold ball, the team who made the tackle gets a free kick.
  8. When passing the ball to a teammate, or handballing, the ball has to be punched to the other player. You cannot just hand a ball to another player. The ball cannot be punched like when serving a volleyball.
  9. Kick the ball through the large upright posts. Worth 6 points.
  10. If you hit the post or send it between the big post and outer lower post it is a “behind.” A behind is worth one point

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