All You Need to Know About Aussie Rules History

Have you ever known that football is one of the major games created and played in Australia? The history of this game in Australia can be traced back to 1858 when Tom Wills introduced some rules that would regulate this new sport. The rules began to be operational on 31st July 1858 when the first football game was played using these rules. This match was used to experiment how the rules will work, but it emerged that they made the game popular in Australia. This article will provide all the information about the Aussie Rules history that you definitely would like to know.

Historical Facts about Aussie Rules

Australians have played football for more than 15 decades and the game has a very fascinating history. This article has arranged all the football events in Australia in a chronological order to help you understand better the history of this sport as discussed below

1858- This is the year that the first ever football match was played in Australia. It was played between Scott College and Melbourne Grammar school, which led to the establishment of the Melbourne Football club. The idea of having this match was suggested by Thomas Wills.

  • 1859 – The first ten rules of football began to be used by the Melbourne Football Club.
  • 1870 – This is when football began to be regarded as “the game of all the people’
  • 1873 – The uniforms for football teams were introduced without any numbers on them.
  • 1877 – The shape of the ball that was used for football was oval shaped
  • 1904 – Joe Johnson was the first Australian to play football sport at a senior level.
  • 1908 -Wally Koochew became the first Chinese who played football for Australia.


The history of football in Australia is not bleak in foreign countries but, its popularity is not much. However, the media has assisted in spreading the news about Australian Football to the world.This is the Australian Football history that any football enthusiast must know!

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